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+ Why should I make a Cool Schools Video Postcard?

Cool Schools Video Postcards is a National collaboration and celebration of education in Australia.

It’s fun, it’s positive, it’s educational and it’s free!

Making a video postcard is a great way to celebrate your school and learn about filmmaking at the same time.

You can raise your school profile, tell your school story and boost morale in your school community. It’s also an excellent way of making students feel that their voices are heard.

Why not integrate Cool Schools TV into your lesson plans? Filming a video postcard can be used as part of the Media Arts Curriculum (5-6) and viewing postcards can be used as a teaching tool in Geography and Humanities and Social Science (F-3).

+ I am a teacher, how do I introduce this to my principal?

Everybody loves recognition and your principal is likely to be delighted at the chance to celebrate their school and all the hard work they have put in to make it great.

This is show and tell on a National Level and will give your students the opportunity to share the great things about your school (things your principal has probably worked extremely hard to create!) with the whole country.

You will need your principal's permission to make a Cool Schools Video Postcard - if they have any questions, please direct them to our website or ask them to contact us.

Also, make sure you mention that we will send you a link to your video so it can be shared around your school community.

+ I am a principal, how do I introduce this to my teachers?

Do you want to make a Video Postcard of your school but are worried about increasing your teachers workload? We’ve made it easy, fun and student-friendly. Our step-by-step instructions and handouts are designed to fit in with the Media Arts curriculum (5-6) and are easy to understand and follow. It’s a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn the art of filmmaking too!

+ I’m not sure my school is cool enough…

At Cool Schools TV, we love all schools! We love big schools, small schools, city, suburban and country schools. We love home schools, surprising schools, cultural schools, schools for kids with special needs, schools with challenges, schools that have overcome obstacles - we really do love all schools!

We want to hear what makes your school special - it can be a big thing or a little thing or lots of things. Tell us about playgrounds, gardens, sports, clubs, classrooms, uniforms, languages, cultural traditions, transport or scenery - if your students love it, then so will we.

+ My school has had some difficulties - should I wait?

If your school has been through some tough times, this may be exactly the right opportunity to focus on the positive aspects and remind your students and the wider community of the wonderful things about your school.

+ How many Video Postcards can I make?

You can make a Video Postcard every year giving you the opportunity to create an historical record of your school. It also allows the older students in Grade 5 and 6 a chance to reflect on their time at your school and leave a lasting, celebratory message for the younger children.

+ Is it only for Grade 5 & 6 students?

Not at all - anyone can make a video postcard! The instructions and worksheets are designed to work with the Media Arts Curriculum for Years 5 & 6 but we welcome video’s from any grades or a mix of grades.

+ I’m not sure how to make a video…

Never made a video before? Don’t worry – it’s easy, it’s fun and if you get stuck, just contact us and we’ll help you work out what to do next! Simply download and follow our detailed step-by-step instructions and worksheets and have fun!

+ Help! I don’t have a proper camera and microphone!

You can film your Video Postcard on a video camera, a smartphone, a camera on video function or other device with video capabilities. Just remember, if you’re filming on a smartphone, turn it sideways!

+ What permission forms do I need?

The parents/ guardians of all children filmed must sign a release form (download here) to say that they agree to their image being filmed. The principal of your school must also sign a permission form (download here). Please keep all children’s permission forms at your school. Please return the principal’s permission form to Cool Schools TV. Unfortunately we can not upload any videos to our website unless all these forms are signed.

+ What happens to my video?

We will edit your video, insert it into our Cool Schools Video Postcard template, put our music on it and then upload it on to our website. We’ll also send you a link so that you can share it amongst your school community and social media sites.

+ Should I put music with my video?

No! This is very important. Unless your students have written and performed the music themselves, please DO NOT put any music on the video. We have some funky, original Cool Schools Music to put with your video.

+ Do I need to edit my video?

You can, if you feel confident, but you don’t need to. The finished Cool Schools TV Video Postcard will be approximately 90 seconds long. We will edit your footage (please do not send in more than 5 minutes of footage).

+ When?

The sooner the better! Your school could be picked as the featured “Video Postcard of the Week”. You can make a video postcard every year and then use the postcards as an historical record. Remember, we send a link to you of your finished Cool Schools TV Video Postcard back to you, so share it with your school community.

+ How do I upload my video?

Upload your video & completed submission form here.

+ What format should my video by in?

Your video file(s) can be uploaded as:




.AVI file

If you can upload it to Youtube, you can upload it to Cool Schools TV. (NB: you want the files to be fairly small if your internet isn’t fast, using MPEG 4 file type with a H .264 codec can keep the files nice and small.)